A Review of Groove Ring: Groove is in the Heart (and the Ring)

Have you ever heard of Groove Ring?

A few months ago, before the pandemic, I realized that I needed to have my wedding ring resized. And right about the same time, I became aware of Groove Rings from Groove Life, which turned out to be a happy coincidence of events.

Groove Ring is a company that makes silicone rings of all different shapes, sizes, and patterns for both men and women. Now it may seem odd that people would be interested in silicone-based wedding rings, but there are several benefits to them.

One of the reasons we love traditional metal wedding rings is because they are tough and solid, a quality which is an appropriate symbol of the seriousness of marriage. That same quality, however, can sometimes make metal wedding rings uncomfortable. They can feel binding and inflexible. This can especially be a problem if, for instance, your fingers tend to swell during the heat or during exercise. Silicone, on the other hand, rings feel flexible, breathable, and comfortable. So they can be a good wedding ring alternative during exercise, hot weather, or other times when traditional wedding rings feel uncomfortable.

Silicone rings can also be helpful in other situations. Some people work in jobs, like construction or medical work, in which it is potentially dangerous to wear a traditional ring. Traditional wedding rings can also pose a risk or suffer a lot of wear and tear in certain kinds of exercise and outdoor activities. Silicone wedding rings are often a safe and durable alternative.

And sometimes people know they are going to be in situations in which they will need to remove their wedding ring for a brief time, and they don’t want to risk losing a gold wedding ring. Silicone wedding rings are usually very reasonably priced, and so there is much less risk in removing and, potentially, losing them.

When I first heard of silicone wedding rings, I wasn’t very excited about them. But metal wedding rings are sometimes uncomfortable for me. My fingers also tend to swell a lot in hot weather, especially during exercise. I like to hike in the forest a lot in all kinds of weather, so sometimes wearing a metal wedding ring can be uncomfortable in situations like that.

All of this made me more open to the idea of silicone rings. And then I found Groove Life and started looking around their site.  Their rings are called Groove Rings, and they have a variety of cool patterns. I found one I loved: Twilight Blossom.

I decided to order it. It came quickly in a cute little box, and it was a great price. I was hooked as soon as I put it on. It is so pretty. I love looking at it. It is really good quality. It matches my mood and personality. Best of all, it is extremely breathable. I have been hiking with it for a month now, and it is so comfortable, even in hot weather.

I still plan to get my metal wedding ring resized, but Groove Rings are so comfortable, I see a lot more of them in my future. They say groove is in the heart, and it is. Sometimes it’s in the ring, too.


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  1. These look really look really cool! I was wondering about getting a ring tattooed on rather than wear a metal band. I had a temporary glitter tattoo for a while last year when my fingers swelled with the heat.

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