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A Magical Hula Hoop and the Forest: A Brief Reflection

In this post, I want to talk about my hula hoop and the forest.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself: I get really, really serious about life sometimes.

And that’s okay. I am a sensitive person.  And I think a lot. I research and write and teach about political philosophy. That’s because, among other things, I really care about the world and people and ethics.

And I embrace this part of me. When I use these sensitive and serious gifts of mine well, it helps me bring more wisdom and clarity into the world.

Sunbeam in Forest

But my serious side is just one side of me. I also have a really playful, adventurous, silly, and imaginative side of me that is full of childlike wonder and joy.

This week, that side of me said, “I think you have been neglecting me a little bit lately. Let’s play.”

That part of me was right.

So I have been doing cartwheels lately. Cartwheel

And I went hiking with my husband in the forest the other day.

Gorge Walking #1

I saw this big, beautiful leaf that looked like a dinosaur fossil.Fossil Leaf

And an adorable little mushroom poking up out of the forest floor.


I have a travel hula hoop that I can break into segments that allows me to transport it all over the place. So, I brought it with me on the hike. I love taking photographs of me hooping in unique places.

Hooping and Gorge #13

The lighting in the forest was perfect, and my husband captured really nice hoop spin in these shots.

Hooping and Gorge #1

This week I have remembered that it is okay to embrace both sides of us–the light and dark, the playful and serious. Both sides are a part of life. And I need both. Magic lies in accepting and nurturing both.

That’s because when we accept all the parts of our life, we create a safe space of kindness, respect, and compassion for ourselves. That is how we show love to ourselves and the world.

Peace, Friend.


How do you nurture the serious and playful side of you? I would love to hear below.

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The Dao De Jing is one of my favorite books that talks about embracing all the different parts of our life. You can find it here.

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  1. I swim and visit with friends at the pool, read a good book, go for a roll in the park, watch a feel-good movie, and look at my daughters wonderful posts and pictures! And play with our beautiful grandchildren!

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