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A Winter Update from Love is Stronger

Dear All: I wanted to give you an update on Love is Stronger.

I have been on a general social media break for the last couple of months.

I usually take a couple of social media breaks a year to give my brain a rest. But my recent break is also related to some long-term projects I have been working on for my blog.

You may know that for the last seven years, more or less, I have been blogging at Love is Stronger about issues pertaining to Living from the Inside Out. (You can read more about this at the Purpose page on my blog). I also frequently draw and paint pictures for my blog.

My plan has always been to turn the content of my blog into books, online courses, and an art shop of some kind. I really need to get these projects up and running before I keep blogging more.

Although I love blogging, if I get too distracted by it, I can’t complete those other projects. And the same is true with social media. I love playing on social media, but if I do it too often, I get distracted from those important goals I want to achieve.

So anyhow, I have been working on my blog-related projects, and I am making good progress.

However, as is true with most creative endeavors, completing them is taking me a little longer than I originally planned.

Because of this, I am going to be scarce on my blog and social media for another few months, as I am trying to accomplish some of those blog-related goals.

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Much love to you.

5 thoughts on “A Winter Update from Love is Stronger”

  1. Good to know that all is well. When someone “disappears” I always fear the worst! I hope you continue to make good progress on your projects., and that you have a wonderful Christmas.

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