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Anxiety Care Package #1 for Stressful Times

Dear All:

I am writing this post during the Coronavirus pandemic (but this post is applicable to any time of stress and anxiety). A lot of us struggle with anxiety, especially during scenarios like we are facing right now. In times like this, we often need help managing our thoughts and worries.

Below I have included four pictures, a little anxiety care package, that might help you today if you are struggling.

The first picture is a peaceful thought or affirmation to help you set anxiety boundaries and remind you that you don’t have to handle every problem today.

The second picture is an anxiety management tip that helps me. I thought it might help you, too.

The third picture is a loving-kindness meditation.

The last picture is an ecumenical prayer (feel free to ignore if you are not religious) to remind you of the the love that surrounds you and that is inside of you.

Anxiety Mouse

Schedule Anxiety

Loving Kindness Meditation

Prayer about Love


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10 thoughts on “Anxiety Care Package #1 for Stressful Times”

  1. As much as I want to believe that there is a loving force somewhere in the universe to hold me in case anything goes wrong, it sounds terribly optimistic if we consider all the awful ways that people do suffer and die everyday in the world.

    1. I totally get this, Friend. To be honest, I feel the same way sometimes, so I don’t begrudge you your feelings at all. It’s the age old philosophy issue of the problem of evil, and it is a tough one to contemplate.

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