Intentions and Prayers

An Intention or Prayer for Understanding Connection

We long for connection, even though we don’t always realize it.

And that connection is connection with ourselves, with others, with nature, and with a Higher Wisdom. If it feels comfortable to you, you can think of this Higher Wisdom as the Divine. Or you can think of it as the highest expression of constructive human capacities. Or you can think of it as the light in all of us.

So here is an intention or prayer for connection today. And if you like, you can read a further discussion about connection at the bottom.

Here are five things that are true about me and you and everyone.

One: We are worthy. (We have intrinsic worth that is rooted in the seeds of goodness inside all of us).

Two: We are capable. (Our seeds of goodness can grow infinitely. And the more we grow them, the more connected we are. The more powerful and joyful we are together.)

Three: We are connected. (We are connected to each other, the beauty in nature, and to a Higher Wisdom through the seeds of goodness or light that runs through everything.)

Four: We are called to adventure. (Each of us has a Grand Adventure Map inside us. Following that map is our calling. As we follow our map, we express our unique goodness in the world in a way that enriches everyone.)

Five: We all have a Wise and Wounded Self. (Our Wise Self is the truest part is us in which we experience worth, capability, connection, and our call to adventure. We feel peaceful, optimistic, joyful, and energized in our Wise Self. On the other hand, our Wounded Self is that place of pain, loneliness, and emptiness that develops inside of us when we get cut off from our Wise Self. All of us need to work on healing our Wounded Self and connecting to our Wise Self.)

You are so special, and you belong, Friend. I am glad you are in the planet.


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