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An Intention or Prayer for When We Feel Like We are Not Enough

Feeling like we are not enough is one of our most painful feelings.We often receive the message that we have to be different or better in some way to feel like we are enough. This is a prayer or intention to help us when we feel this way.

If you believe in God, you can pray the prayer thinking of Divine Love as God. If you don’t believe in God, you can think of Divine Love as all of the love, compassion, wisdom, and creativity in the world that calls us to our Highest Self.

And if you don’t feel like you are enough because you have been hurt by people you loved and trusted, I am so sorry for your suffering, Friend. I stand with you in your suffering and pain, and I am holding hope and praying that the Light of Love surrounds you and strengthens you.


What practices help you remember that you are enough?

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12 thoughts on “An Intention or Prayer for When We Feel Like We are Not Enough”

  1. I feel truly thankful to have found your blog. You are such an inspiration! I feel the same way about your posts as your comment on mine -you write about truths that I sometimes need reminding of. And your artwork is amazing. Thank you for sharing these prayers.

  2. Yes! Love is enough. Especially Love to our self first. It is indeed such pressure to conform to all the definitions around. Loved this one and you know why …we both think so alike and it is beautiful to read in your unique way you express.

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