Intentions and Prayers

An Intention or Prayer for When You Feel Afraid

All of us feel afraid sometimes.

Here is an intention or prayer to help you through those times.

There is a further explanation of each line of it down below with links to other posts that may help you.

You are Not Alone

When we are suffering–fear is a kind of suffering–we often feel all alone.

I want to assure you, you are not. All human beings suffer sometimes, and so in your fear, you are connected with everyone else who has ever felt afraid, too.

But you are also not alone because of compassion. The human heart has the ability to feel compassion, not only for our own suffering, but for the suffering of everyone in the word.

Right now, this very minute, there are people who are sending compassion to you and everyone else in the world who is feeling afraid.

Please know that I am sending you compassion at this very minute.

Compassion is sitting with people in their suffering and wishing that they will be happy, healthy, and safe. I wish this for you today, Friend, and for the whole world.

You can accept this compassion and send it to yourself, and then back into the world again, too.

And you can read more about how to do this here.

Love Guides You

Often when we feel afraid, it is because we are anxious about bad things that are happening now or that could happen in the future. And we don’t know how to handle them.

Please know that you are not meant to have all the answers to every problem in the world or in your own life.

There is a Love inside you and outside of you. It is the same Love, and it is infinitely wise. This Love wants to guide you. It is wise and good to take it one day at a time and to trust in this Love.

You can read more about this here and here.

I Know You Will Make It

It feels like the storm you are experiencing now will never pass. I know. It probably feels like you will feel this way for the rest of your life. But this storm will pass. I promise.

Although I can’t say when, I know that soon–maybe tomorrow or next week–things will shift, and you will have more hope, insight, and new possibilities.

I know it is hard to hold on in times like this, but please hold on. You read more about what to do when you feel hopeless here.

A Parting Thought

I am sending you Love today. You are not alone, Love is guiding you. You will make it.


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