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An Intention or Prayer: When You Feel Aimless and Lonely

This is an intention or prayer for when you feel aimless and lonely. Sometimes we don’t know what we are doing, and we feel alone. Perhaps we aren’t sure what our purpose in life is and because of this, we feel adrift and isolated.

These feelings happen to everyone, including me, sometimes. If you are experiencing feelings like that right now, I want to remind you of three things.

One: You are here for a purpose. 

You are here for a purpose, and your life means something. Your purpose is something you both create and discover.

Your purpose is:

Expressing creativity, wisdom, and love,

Through your unique life and style,

In a way that improves your life and the life of others.

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Two: Your dreams and desires are important.

When children are little, we are very interested in their desires, emotions, and dreams. We want to listen to them, believe in them, and encourage them. We instinctively believe that these parts of little children are an important guide to loving them and helping them reach their potential.

But for some reason, when people get older, we often act as if their desires, emotions, and dreams are no longer important. This is too bad because all these parts of us are very important at all times in our life. Listening to them helps us love our self and others more.

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Three: There is something larger than you that is ecstatic about you and working on your behalf.  

There is something Magical and Loving at work in the Universe. You may call it God, Magic, Love, the Tao, the Universe, or something else.

You can sense this thing when you are still and quiet; when you spend time in Nature; when you snuggle with your pet; or when you look into a laughing baby’s eyes.

You have felt it before, I assure you.

Whatever you call it, please know, it adores you. It is ecstatic about you and is working on your behalf to bring good things.

Certainly life is hard sometimes and difficult things happen. But there is something deeper and more magical than all of that. It is working to bring clarity, love, beauty, and good things your way.

You are needed, and you are not alone.

Peace, Friend.


An intention or prayer for when you feel aimless or lonely.


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