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An Intention/Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

Over the years, I have been helped tremendously by intentions or prayers that other people have written. Lately, I have been writing my own. This is an intention/prayer I wrote for the broken-hearted. If you believe in God, you can use this as a prayer. If you do not believe in God, you can use this as an intention and say something like “May the broken-hearted be surrounded by comfort and healed from violence, oppression, etc” or “May I be surrounded by comfort and healed from violence, oppression, etc.” Prayer for the Broken-hearted

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9 thoughts on “An Intention/Prayer for the Broken-Hearted”

  1. This is beyond beautiful and touching. Warm words that are heartfelt and will lend inspiration to those who need I the most. And we all do need them. Thank you Shelly, with your permission I would like to keep this safe for myself, somewhere I can always see it.

    1. Rhapsody: I am so honored and happy that you find this helpful. Please do feel free to print this out or whatever so that you can keep it some place to encourage you and bring you comfort and love. <3

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    What a powerful message from my dear friend Shelly and I fell in love with her words. Thank you for the compassion and taking a moment to be in tune with your surroundings and the needs and struggles of others. After all, we all find ourselves in moments we can use some extra love from time to time. Make spreading joy a fulltime habit.

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