Apologies for Recent Ads: I am Fixing This

Dear Readers:

Today a friend alerted me that a lot of ads are popping up on my blog. My sincere apologies for this. I do not know how this happened as, to my knowledge, I never gave permission to WordPress or anyone to advertise on my blog.

I am not getting payed for any of these ads, and I have purposely chosen at this time not to advertise on my blog.

A friend is helping me fix this problem, and I hope it will be remedied soon.

Love, Shelly

Upset blogger

4 thoughts on “Apologies for Recent Ads: I am Fixing This”

  1. Shelly,

    It looks like you have the free WordPress blog. Which means you blog for free, but it also means that WP can post ads there without your permission. You can read more here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/no-ads

    Basically, you will need to get a paid plan to end the ads. Which was what I did because I grew tired of the ads, plus the personal plan gives me more flexibility than the free plan.

      1. You’re welcome! On one hand it’s annoying that you have to pay money to remove ads. On the other hand, I understand that WordPress is a business and needs to make money too.

        1. Yes, I agree with you. One of the reasons I was worried is because one of my friends noticed that there was an unusual number of ads that started appearing suddenly. I have upgraded my plan now, though, so I don’t think I will have to worry about that.

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