Art refreshes our spirit and helps us imagine a better world.

My art print “Seed” is now available for purchase. And in the coming months, I will be including more art prints here for purchase.

Update (3/o5/2024): More art coming the end of May. Thanks for your patience.

Prints are $16/print with free shipping and handling.

I also do commissioned work. I charge $50 for small commissioned projects; $75 for medium ones; and $100  to $150 for large ones.

I paint whimsical portraits, cards, and small posters. Here are some recent commissions I have done:

If you are interested in prints or commissioned work, please feel free to email  me at shellypruittjohnson@gmail for further details.

Update: I am close to having an Etsy shop set up with printables for my art. I’m excited about it and will be in touch in the coming months.