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Afghanistan: Who is To Blame?

The Taliban recently seized Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after President Biden announced the withdrawal of U.S forces. This withdrawal signaled the end of a twenty-year war President Bush initiated shortly after the 9/11 attacks. People are gravely concerned about the way this seizure will negatively affect Afghan citizens. They are especially concerned about women… Continue reading Afghanistan: Who is To Blame?

Politics and Love

About Wokeness: Should You Get Woke?

Recently, it seems that everywhere I turn in the news, someone is talking about wokeness or woke people. Sometimes the term is used positively, i.e. “I got woke”, to describe a type of awareness someone gains in his or her life about issues pertaining to justice, fairness, and equality. Specifically, becoming woke often refers to… Continue reading About Wokeness: Should You Get Woke?

Intrinsic Worth, Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

Internal Vs. External Validation

Internal and external validation are two kinds of approval we seek in our lives. They are both important, and to some degree we need both. Nevertheless, many people struggle to trust their own sense of internal validation. Because of this, they get stuck seeking external forms of validation their entire life. This can cause a… Continue reading Internal Vs. External Validation

Body Love and Body Kindness, Overcoming Self-loathing and Anxiety, Self-compassion

How I Accidentally Tricked Myself with Picture Filters

I tricked myself with picture filters the other day and caused myself a lot of anxiety in the process. The story is partly funny and partly embarrassing. And it also reminded me of some important lessons pertaining to social media. So here is how I tricked myself. Several months ago, I was taking selfies to… Continue reading How I Accidentally Tricked Myself with Picture Filters

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Playfulness and Performance: Two Modes of Living

Lately I have been thinking a lot about playfulness and performance, which are two different modes of living. Playfulness and Performance When we are playful, we become joyfully caught up in the moment, focused on what we are doing for its own sake, [1] rather than focusing merely (or primarily) on what we gain from the… Continue reading Playfulness and Performance: Two Modes of Living