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The Day a Total Stranger Gave me Earrings in the Airport

I recently had an adventure in the airport, and it all started because of a book.

One day I was reading, and I read the phrase, “Be willing to receive good things.”

Two things happened.

First, I got very uncomfortable because historically, I have not been good at receiving things from people—gifts, compliments, help, you name it.

Immediately when I felt my discomfort, a light went off in my mind. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. Why am I uncomfortable receiving good things from other people?”

I realized why: Because somewhere along the line I picked up the false belief that to be deserving of good things, I have to be perfect, flawless, and amazingly successful (according to arbitrary standards someone else has set for me).

So because I know I am not perfect, flawless, etc., I often feel like I don’t deserve good things. Maybe you struggle with this, too.

When I realized this about myself, I decided to make a change.

It was a very small change, but it was definitely a change. I decided that I was willing to accept good things. Why?

Because I love myself and I want to give myself good things.

And because it is a delight for me to give good things to other people; I want them to have this same opportunity for delight.

Because receiving good things nourishes our true selves and helps us grow in love and joy.

And because the more we share good things with each other, the more we cultivate love in the world.

Colors of Hope #5

This beautiful picture is by my friend, Lisa Samson who has recently published a coloring book. You can read about it  here.

A few days later, I was waiting in the airport to catch a flight, when suddenly a sweet lady approached me.

She said, “Excuse me, I have a gift to give to you.” She told me that she likes to make jewelry and give it away as an act of love.

She opened up a little purse with beautiful earrings and let me pick out the pair I liked the most.

I picked out a pair of beautiful, turquoise earrings. I gave her a hug and thanked her for her generosity.

As she walked away, I remembered my decision a few days ago: “I am willing to receive good things.”

I smiled.

Some might call that a coincidence, and it very well could have been. But I think of it a little differently.

I believe that when I decided I was willing to receive good things, I experienced some healing in my life, and my walls came down a little bit.

Colors of Hope #6

Artwork by Lisa Samson

We all walk around with wounds in our heart that we have picked up from difficult situations we have experienced and difficult beliefs we have developed.

These wounds can cause us to build walls around us.

Whenever we heal these wounds, our walls come down a little bit, and it is easier for people to see us, to reach us.

I think that is what happened in my situation. In my willingness to receive, my walls came down a little bit, and it was easier for love to find me.

There is no doubt that there are difficult and scary things in the world.

But I think there is also a lot of love in the world and a lot of people who want to express love in a healing and beautiful way to us.

Perhaps when we are willing to receive good things, it makes it easier for them to find us.

You deserve good things, Friend. Be willing

Colors of Hope #7

Artwork by Lisa Samson

By the way, you might like this book: Return to Love.

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