I am the author (or co-author of three logic and critical thinking books.

My texts introduce students–middle school to adult–to the basics of inductive and deductive logic, as well as critical things. They are good texts for any individual who wants to improve their thinking abilities. And they are also good for teachers or home school parents looking for resources to help their students think better.

My third book, Everyday Debate, also introduces students to the art of debate and provides copious exercises to help them develop good debating skills.

My books are are published by Classical Academic Press. You can also locate them on Amazon:

My books are The Argument Builder, The Discovery of Deduction (co-author), and Everyday Debate.

You can find these books at Classical Academic Press here.

And you can also order them from Amazon:

Everyday Debate (I recommend starting with this one.)

The Argument Builder

The Discovery of Deduction

You can read more about the importance of critical thinking here:

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I have also published two articles with Tiny Buddha, which you can read here:

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