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What I Learned Teaching African Philosophy This Semester

This semester, I have been teaching an independent study on African philosophy with two young women. And I have experienced some painful and joyful emotional growth in the process. This was our anthology, which I highly recommend. They have taught me so much. We finished our independent study the other day by watching the movie… Continue reading What I Learned Teaching African Philosophy This Semester

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Should We Tolerate Everything?

Over the years, I have heard a lot of people ask this same question in various forms: Should we tolerate everything? And this is certainly an important question. One of the hallmarks of the U.S.[1], ideally, is that we tolerate diversity of ideas.[2] Because of this, we have a long-standing tradition of tolerating a variety… Continue reading Should We Tolerate Everything?

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Let Yourself be a Beginner

It is important to let yourself be a beginner. It's important that I let myself be one, too. But it is really hard. If you are anything like me, you have a bit of a perfectionist streak, and you want to get everything right and do everything well from the very beginning. Because of this,… Continue reading Let Yourself be a Beginner


10,000 Steps a Day for Three and a Half Months

I’ve been walking 10,000 steps a day for th­­­­e last three and a half months, and it has brought more benefits to my life than I could have ever imagined. The Benefits of Walking Walking itself is a powerhouse movement that brings people all sorts of physical and mental benefits. Regular walkers have lower risk… Continue reading 10,000 Steps a Day for Three and a Half Months