For Just One Moment…: A Poem

For just one moment, pause... And stop labeling yourself As fat, thin, short, tall, Ugly, beautiful, Desirable, undesirable. For just one moment, think... About your amazing body And how it carries you every day, And your heart pumps and your lungs breathe, Because your body loves you. For just one minute, refuse... To place yourself… Continue reading For Just One Moment…: A Poem


“My New Law”: A Poem

"My New Law" A while ago I realized that it Is more important To love people Than to be right Because what I think Is right is conditioned By culture Prejudice Stereotypes Ignorance Poor logic But when I love I must talk with people And listen And try to understand And when I do these… Continue reading “My New Law”: A Poem


Today I Feel Brave: A Poem

I wrote this poem a while ago when I was feeling scared. And the more I wrote, the more I began to feel brave. Perhaps this poem will help you feel brave, too. "Today I Feel Brave" Sometimes I feel small, Today I honor creativity. We are transcendent. Sometimes I feel lonely. Today the Stardust… Continue reading Today I Feel Brave: A Poem

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My Everyday Liturgy: A Poem

Greet the moon, Drink the sky, Revel in birdsong, Swim in lilac, Embrace the tree, Delight in tulips, Relish the orange, Marvel at friendship, Rest in stillness, Savor his kiss, Reach for eternity, Trust its embrace. ***** If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it on social media. Please consider following my blog (the… Continue reading My Everyday Liturgy: A Poem

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“I Do Not Want to Be Good”–A Poem

As a philosopher, I spend a lot of time thinking about the good. What the good is and what it means for our lives is one of the most discussed philosophical topics of the last several thousand years. In fact, I am teaching an ethics class this semester, and this is one of the main… Continue reading “I Do Not Want to Be Good”–A Poem