Color and Grow Happy: A Review of Lisa Joy Samson’s Colors of Hope

You are in for a Treat

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Do you want to learn to practice meditation? Do you like coloring? Do you want to know how to improve your coloring technique? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I have great news for you. Artist and author Lisa Joy Samson has recently released her coloring book Colors of Hope, and it is a delight. This book is an extremely helpful tool that can assist you with all the above-mentioned areas while also bringing a great deal of joy into your life.

Colors of Hope #1

The Benefits of Coloring

You are probably aware that coloring books for adults have seen a tremendous increase in popularity over the last couple of years.  It is no wonder. There are significant benefits to coloring. Coloring can  decrease stress;  it can decrease our chances of developing dementia; it can help us access important parts of our subconscious; it can balance different parts of our brain; and it can serve as a form of meditation. These are just a few of the benefits of coloring.

Colors of Hope #2

All of the coloring pages in this post are from Colors of Hope unless otherwise indicated.

Colors of Hope

Colors of Hope will definitely allow you reap all of the benefits of coloring. It is a beautiful coloring book filled with a variety of different themes and patterns. In this book, you will find mandalas, stain glass windows, stars, illuminated letters, and nature scenes.  There is a variety of crisp, geometric designs, as well as gentle, flowing designs. Lisa’s patterns are great for adults who like to color but also large enough that younger children can also color, too.

Colors of Hope #3

Lisa has interspersed these beautiful patterns mentioned above with patterns centering around verses from the Bible. Whether you are a Christian or not, or religious or not, you will find encouragement in these verses and pictures, as they all focus on themes like hope, love, courage, and peace. In this way, as you are coloring these pictures, you have the opportunity to meditate on ideas that cultivate inner peace and stillness. The words in the pictures can serve as a kind of mantra or meditation theme and can be especially helpful for people who are interested in learning to meditate but are not sure how to begin.

Colors of Hope #4

Decorating Your Home with Hope

Colors of Hope also has several especially helpful practical features. All of the pages in the book have a nice perforated edge that allows them to be torn out easily. Lisa has also organized the book in groupings of four. For instance there are four mandala pictures; four stain glass window paintings; four tree paintings, etc. etc. One of the benefits of these features of the book is that it is very easy for people to remove their pictures when they are done to use as art groupings in their own home. The pictures are so lovely that you might, indeed, decide to do just that.

Colors of Hope #7

This picture is not in Colors of Hope, but it is available to download for free on Lisa’s web site here.


Lisa’s Coloring Channel

In addition to her coloring book, Lisa has a coloring show called In Loving Color.  You can find her videos of this show (which are also available on her youtube channel), as well as other helpful information, on her web site, Lisa Joy Samson: Made to Create. Each week, Lisa has an hour-long show (more or less) that offers encouragement as well as a variety of helpful and inspiring coloring advice. For instance, in one of her videos, Lisa discusses how to utilize the color wheel in order to make coloring pages more visually appealing. In one of her most recent videos, one of my favorites, she discusses how to layer and texture pencil coloring in order to create a richer, more vibrant effect. In all of her coloring videos, Lisa intersperses her coloring advice with gentle reflection on themes like hope, comfort, redeeming mistakes, and bringing more light into our life. These reflections are naturally woven into coloring insight and anecdotes, and the result is an hour of stillness, calm, and gentle coloring happiness.

Colors of Hope #6

You can find this design on Lisa’ Facebook page here.

Lisa has a wealth of wisdom and experience. She has a background in television broadcasting. She is also a novelist who has written over 36 books, such as The Passion of Mary Margaret and A Thing of Beauty. This eclectic background informs her art and makes it a varied, rich experience. This coloring book is compelling and meditative. If you are already a coloring enthusiast, you definitely want to add it to your library. If you have not yet entered the world of coloring, but are interested in doing so, this book is great place to start. Color and grow happy.

You can find Colors of Hope at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Christian Books. In addition, you can read a recent interview with Lisa about Colors of Hope book here.

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