Courses coming soon!

Update (9/o1/2023): First online course coming end of October.

I am so excited because in the next few months, I will be publishing my first online course related to the Content of Love is Stronger.

All my online courses will be aimed at helping people Live from the Inside Out.

The first course is titled “Worthy: Cultivating Joy and Resilience through Authentic Self-Love.”

At Love is Stronger, I love helping people Live from the Inside Out in order to cultivate more confident, joyful, and resilient lives. You can read more about this here:

Do You Live from the Inside Out or Outside In?

(My courses will be based on the posts mentioned in the article above and will be a course of study for Living from the Inside Out.)

Understanding and practicing authentic self-love is one of the best ways we do this.

My course will contain instructional content, as well as reflection questions and practices that will help you understand and cultivate authentic self-love in your own life.

And, of course, there will be more art, too.

I can’t wait to share this material with you! Stay tuned . . .



By the way, here are some other writers that have been influential in my life. Maybe you will find them helpful, too!

Bell hooks

Paulo FreireĀ 

Brene Brown

Marianne Williamson

Immanuel Kant

This is one of Kant’s most famous principles. It’s one of my favorites. It helps us remember thatĀ  that we are to treat everyone, including ourselves, as possessing intrinsic worth. Understanding this is one way we start Living from the Inside Out.