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Embracing Our Age: A Whimsical Watercolor and Peaceful Thought

If you have been following my blog lately, you probably know that I have been letting my hair go silver.

I am really excited about it, but I would be less than honest if I didn’t said that sometimes the changes that aging brings make me anxious and sometime scare me a little bit, too. What scares me the most, I think, is that we can’t look into the future and know what it will be like to age in our bodies and what loss it might bring.

This can be frightening for anyone.

I have learned over the years that it is really important to accept, honor, and even embrace my fear. It allows me to present in each moment–even the scary ones–to show myself compassion, and to understand my day-to-day experience so I know how to live well.

So I acknowledge that I am afraid sometimes of the changes aging brings.

But I have also started to embrace the cool things aging can bring–like more wisdom, more time, more confidence in my own skin (a confidence which often shows up as joy in my face) magical faerie hair, the ability to worry less about what other people think, and skills I have gained and sharpened because I’ve been living a while.

Grey and Groovy
When I think about all that I have gained in the past decade of aging, I realize that there is beauty, wisdom, and magic at every age, and I am ready and eager to embrace it.

I embrace aging (2)


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7 thoughts on “Embracing Our Age: A Whimsical Watercolor and Peaceful Thought”

  1. You look gorgeous. You can completely carry that look, and you are giving other people confidence too. I think we all benefit from a more natural portrayal of ourselves, and benefit when someone else decides not to ‘enhance’ themselves. We see their true beauty shining through.

    1. Hello Friend: Thank you for reading and commenting. If I am understanding your question correctly, I think you are asking what a person can do when he (or she) feels sad about aging. I can tell you some of the things I do, and I hope it might help: 1) Know that it is normal to feel sad about aging sometimes. When we age, some things do become harder or we do lose some capabilities. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to grieve the loss of those capabilities–like we would grief the loss of a friend moving away. Giving yourself space to grieve can help you move through the grief, rather than getting stuck in it. 2)While it is okay to acknowledge what you have lost, it is equally important to acknowledge what we have gained. If we are open to wisdom and seek it out, we gain an incredible amount of wisdom as we age. This wisdom allows us to be more peaceful and to help those around us, and that is an incredible gift. That wisdom also allows us to feel more comfortable in our own skin and to worry less about what other people think of us. 3) Consider practicing meditation or prayer, which connects us with something larger than our self. Whether you think of that something larger than our self as God or higher consciousness, it definitely exists, and connecting with it gives us the strength we need to have peace in the midst of life changes, and it also helps us feel less alone.

      Peace, Friend.

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