Body Partnership, Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

Feeling Gross Because of the Holidays and Freaking Out About Your Body? Here’s Help.

Sometimes we feel really gross about our body during the holidays.

Many people, especially women, have at least one freak-out point about their bodies during the holidays and become terrified about their weight, their appearance, and their life in general.

That’s because, unfortunately, women often learn to equate how they feel about their body with how they feel about their life.

To make matters worse, many diet and exercises companies begin aggressively marketing to people at this point.

And so we often face many inner and outer messages at this time of year that we must whip ourselves into shape.

On the other hand, many people just like to take the beginning of the year to take stock of their health and to set new intentions and goals for living a more healthy year.

No matter what is motivating you to start a new exercise and eating program, I want to invite you to adopt body kindness principles as the foundation of any new program you begin.

One the one hand, we often think that we have to be harsh to our bodies in order to whip them into shape and make them behave.

But on the other hand, body kindness invites us to consider that our body is on our side and is our friend.

It invites us to consider that if we nurture our body with kindness and listen to it, we are going to figure out exactly what we need to do right now.

Here are some principles you can remember to start practicing body kindness:


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