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Five Reasons You are Groovy

In case no one has told you lately, you are groovy, and here’s why:

One: You have the capacity to be wise, loving, creative and compassionate right this moment. Now, it is true that everyone has this same capacity, but you express it in a way that no other person can because of your unique place in the world.

Your ability to express yourself this way is like a single ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds. You light up the world. Thank you for that. (And it’s okay that you have bad days when you are not a ray of light. Everyone has these days.)

Two: You have a unique and beautiful appearance that includes your face, your body, and your personality.

You are like a beautiful, unique flower in a flower garden. And, sure, the whole flower garden together is lovely, but if you were not in it, it would not be as lovely.

A lot of people may try to convince you that you have to look like someone else in order to be attractive, but that would be like telling a sunflower that she has to be a rose or telling a lilac that she must be a tulip to be beautiful.

That makes no sense. You just need to be yourself with love.


Three: You have all these unique experiences that you have lived and understood from your unique place in the world. That means that you have a piece of wisdom that no one else has.

That’s a treasure. Treasure is rare and beautiful, and that is exactly what your unique wisdom is like.

Four: Your specific, unique experience and wisdom has given you cool ideas about things you could invent, problems you could solve, books and poems you could write, paintings you could paint, businesses you could start, games you could make.

You are a fountain of creativity, and creativity is so beautiful.

Five: You have a special capacity to express love because of all that you have suffered. I know you have had really hard and painful things happen to you. And I am sorry for that. Those things are the worst.

I also want to thank you. Because you have made it through those difficult times, you are able to love and show compassion in a special way that no one else can because you have a unique perspective on suffering. Thank you for being brave and persevering through all those hard times.

We get a lot of pressure from people with bad values and motivations to be someone else or be something than who we are. All of this pressure can make us forget how amazing we are.

And just because everyone is amazing doesn’t mean you are any less amazing. That would be like telling a baby that it isn’t cute because there are so many other babies that are cute. Or it would be like deciding that because all kittens are adorable, no kitten is adorable.

Nope. Babies are amazing. Kittens are amazing. And you are, too.

You are groovy.


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