For Just One Moment…: A Poem

For just one moment, pause…

And stop labeling yourself

As fat, thin, short, tall,

Ugly, beautiful,

Desirable, undesirable.

For just one moment, think…

About your amazing body

And how it carries you every day,

And your heart pumps and your lungs breathe,

Because your body loves you.

For just one minute, refuse…

To place yourself into categories of

Winner and loser,

Smart and dumb,

Worthy and unworthy.

For just one minute, realize…

You uttered sentences today

Never before spoken,

And carry potential in you, 

Unfolding every day.

For just one minute, feel…

That you are miracle

With worlds of possibility

Teeming in you,

That you were born to share.

For just one minute, breathe…

And let yourself be.

Love is around you

And deep inside.

You belong here.

~Shelly Johnson

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11 thoughts on “For Just One Moment…: A Poem”

      1. It was a pleasure, Shelly. I’ve also scanned a number of your posts and I applaud you with warm fuzzies. Your approach to bringing love back into philosophy is ever so practical. Unless we embody the good right down to our bones, virtue remains in the abstract.

        1. Jason, this is really kind, and I agree. In my opinion authentic philosophy is actually the pursuit of love. That’s how Socrates seems to portray it in dialogues like the Symposium. I agree with him!

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