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A Groundhog Visits a Labyrinth : A Whimsical Watercolor

A groundhog visited a labyrinth I have in my back yard the other day, believe it or not.

We live in the suburbs, close to downtown, but we have a surprising amount of wildlife that visits our backyard. I have told you about our wild bunny who comes and meditates in our flower garden.

The other day, I also mentioned our groundhog who visits our backyard about once a month, rain or shine, all throughout the year and just trots around and checks out the place. I think he wants to see what’s new.

You can see pictures of him and Mr. Bunny in real life here.

I also mentioned the stone labyrinth I built in our back yard the other day. You can see pictures of that here.

Anyhow, the other day we looked out our back window and, I kid you not, there was Mr. Groundhog. In our stone labyrinth. So, of course I had to do a watercolor painting of him. And this painting isn’t quite accurate, as he was at the edge of the labyrinth rather than at the beginning of it.

But I do like to think we are providing a contemplative space for both people and wildlife.

Groundhog and labyrinth (2)


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11 thoughts on “A Groundhog Visits a Labyrinth : A Whimsical Watercolor”

  1. Lovely! And I like your stone labyrinth, especially that you used stones from your own garden, rather than buying it in. πŸ™‚

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