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Happy Snail Celebrates the Seasons

Recently I drew and painted this picures: Happy Snail Celebrates the Seasons. (You might also like this Happy Snail post: Happy Snail’s Magic Motto.)

It’s a good reminder to me because it’s easy to get lost in our day-to-day activities and forget to notice the change in seasons and the gifts they bring.

I have been spending time outside more throughout all the seasons. As I do, I am increasingly excited about these gifts.

I was looking through some of my pictures from the last year, and I thought I would show you some of the gifts all the seasons of this year brought me.

So, I will start with Spring of last year.


I love spring walks when it has rained and the air feels fresh and clean. 

And eating colorful vegetables in the spring always is fabulous. I feel joy at the color and freshness. 

I love it when the tress and bushes bust out into exuberant foliage. This is clearly a sign of Nature rejoices after her winter slumber. 

And being able to wear sandals and skorts after bundling up all winter is a sweet liberation. 

Also, I get to see my favorite tree friends on a regular basis. 

And visitors come to my yard–I’m always ecstatic. 

I love cool, fresh morning walks. 

And the sun sparkling over the grass. 

I love little friends I meet on walks. 

And lush, summer foliage. 

I love the light that frames sparkling water.

And flowers bursting in color.

I love summer fruit.


Autumn is my favorite season. 


It’s so brilliantly gorgeous, I can barely stand it. 

I love the leaf carpets it creates in forests. 

And the weirdly beautiful produce it brings. I learned to make squash gratin this year!


We’ve already gotten two snows this winter!

Grateful and Excited

I am so grateful for all the gifts the seasons brought me this year. And I can’t wait to see what gifts it brings this year!


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Happy Snail is partially inspired by Buddha Doodles. I think you would love looking at her art.



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