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Happy Snail’s Magic Motto: A Whimsical Watercolor

Happy Snail’s Magic Motto is LIT. (Can people past 40 use that phrase?)

His motto happens to be my motto, too. The more I live by it, the more it definitely brings magic into my life.

Here it is, and you can find an explanation of each of its parts below with links for further reading.

The Motto



Happy Snail’s Magic Motto

Be a Friend to Yourself 

Sometimes we remember to be a friend to everyone else but our self. This is unfortunate because we desperately crave our own friendship.

You know how good you feel when someone notices you, listens to you, encourages you, and is there for you in hard times? You can learn to give these gifts to yourself, and it makes a world of difference when you do.

Of course other people’s friendship is important, but so is your own. You can read more about how to be a good friend to yourself here.

If You Hurt Others, Make Amends

Sometimes we hurt other people. We do this by accident sometimes, and we also do it when we act from our dark side.

Our dark side is the wounded part of us that develops when we don’t know how to deal with difficult parts of life. It is also the faulty beliefs and habits we develop in our attempts to manage these feelings of vulnerability.

We are connected to everyone else, so when we hurt other people, we hurt our self. On the other hand, making amends with others brings healing to our self, as well as others.

You can read more about making amends by dealing with our dark side here, as well as learning to treat people well here and here.

Be Loving to Yourself and Others

One of our main goals in life is to learn how to be loving to our self and others. When we do this, we help our self and everyone else flourish, which means we encourage people to develop all their positive capacities.

You don’t have to feel loving to act loving. You can act in certain ways that help everyone flourish, and when you do, you increase the joy, peace, confidence, compassion, and respect in the world. That’s magic.

You can read more about how to act in a loving way here and here.

You are a Gift to the World, and the Universe Adores You

We spend a lot of time worrying if we are good enough and if we are worthy. In addition, we may believe that there is something noble in thinking badly of our self or treating our self poorly.

Friend, I want you to know that who you are in your essence is a ray of light. When you act in a loving way to yourself and others, you shine this light.

You are a gift to the world (so is everyone else), and the Universe adores you. You can read more about this here and here.


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