How to Reach Nirvana in Three Easy Steps

This post is about how to reach Nirvana in three easy steps*.

But first, a little  background info on me.

I am an academic (a philosopher, specifically). As such, I spend a lot of time thinking.

But I am certainly more than my brain, so getting stuck in my brain for too long can create imbalances in my life.

Over the past couple of years, I have sought out practices that nourish every part of me. As such, I have increasingly fallen in love with activities like playing with beautiful colors (like painting), dancing, artistic expression, and meditation.

These practices, and others like them, help me show loving attention to all of me, rather than just one part of me–like my brain.

I call these practices self-love practices. I discovered another such practice today. Maybe you will find it helpful, too.


*By the way, Nirvana is a Buddhist concept that, among other things, implies a state of blissful peace. That is how this self-care activity feels to me.

And the word conjures up these ideas more than the word paradise or heaven for me. So that’s why I am using it in this post, with all respect to the Buddhist philosophy and religion.

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