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I am Running/Walking for Ukraine

I want to help Ukraine, but I haven’t known what to do. And I have been feeling anxious about it.

So, I was excited last night when I heard a news story about an organization in Lexington, Kentucky. It is called Race Rise and is doing a virtual walk/run event to raise money for Ukraine. Since it is a virtual event, anyone, anywhere can join, including you.

Here is how it works.

You register online to participate in the event. And in the course of two months (March 8 to May 7th), you run, walk, bike, swim, or roll (or a combo) 44 kilometers for the 44 million people in Ukraine. This is 27.3 miles over the course of two months.

You can break up your mileage in any way you choose. So, for instance, you might run/walk/whatever one mile one day, two miles then next, one mile another day, etc.

And it’s okay if you sign up late. For instance, I signed up and started today. You can read more about how to sign up at their website here: I Run for Ukraine.

When you register for the event, you pay a fee of either $27 or $33. (See below for more details.) In addition, there is an option to donate money above and beyond the registration fee. All proceeds for this event go to help Ukraine. (You can read more how it works here: I Run for Ukraine.)

I started my running and walking today.

Here in Kentucky where I live, it snowed last night.

When I woke up this morning, the streets were icy. So, I walked indoors in the morning to a Leslie Sansone video on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Leslie Sansone: Fast Fifteen Minute Walk

I got in a mile that way. Then later this afternoon, it warmed up. So, I went for a two-mile run at my park.

I plan to keep running a mile or two most days and walking some more until I reach the 27.3 miles. And I plan to keep blogging here about some other things I am doing for Ukraine.

Maybe you would like to run or walk for Ukraine, too.


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