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I Got in Trouble with Facebook

Unfortunately, I recently got in trouble with Facebook.

If you have been following my blog for the last month, you probably know I was doing watercolors of a new take on an old holiday song. I posted all my posts in this series on Facebook, too. I was especially happy because my mom really enjoyed the project.

It was titled “12 Days of Sl*gM*s”. (You’ll see why I am leaving out letters shortly.)

Two days ago, Facebook informed me that my posts violated their community standards. I was confused. So, I read through all their community standards. But I can’t quite figure out how Sl*gM*s violates any of them.

The only thing I could figure out was that perhaps they thought I was making fun of, or being disrespectful of, Christmas.

Of course, I would never do such a thing. I’m super jazzed about Christ and Christmas. 

Also, my parents who love Christmas loved Sl*gM*s, too. We had a lot of fun chats about it over the holiday.  They watched me draw and paint the last few sets of pictures over Christmas break at their house and really enjoyed it.

I was pretty frustrated about Facebook’s decision at first. But I also find a lot of humor in the fact that of all the possibly offensive things they could have taken on at Christmas time, a bunch of festive slugs was one of the major “Facebook threats” they “had” to resolve.

Mom and Dad thought it was funny, too. So in the end, the project still gave us a good laugh. It did so both in its initial execution and also in the fact that it was deemed a Facebook threat of some sort.

But a threat Mark Zuckerberg did indeed deem it. And Facebook deleted all my posts. They also temporarily suspended my Instagram account over the issue.

I wanted to let you know this mainly because I decided to delete all the posts about it in my blog as well instead of fighting Facebook over it. I couldn’t get my Instagram account back until I did that. So, I wanted to let you know why all the posts were gone.

But I am going to post some of my favorite paintings from the series below.

Thanks for enjoying it with me. Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for the pictures in this post.

Slugmas #5 No Lettering.jpg

Slugmas #3

SlugMas #21

Slug-Mas #24

Slug-Mas #27

Slug-Mas #28

14 thoughts on “I Got in Trouble with Facebook”

  1. Shelly – I am so sorry and dismayed to read this. I salute your good humoured response but how anyone could think your charming series was anything but celebratory and creative is beyond me. It was a series created with love to bring us good cheer and it did for me.

  2. What in the world?! How in the heck can a few watercolors of slugs doing cute things be offensive?

    Very odd… if you get more details, I’d be interested to hear what the issue turns out to be.

    Thanks for sharing your fun and funky art with the world! ?



  3. I too have been loving this series. I’m sorry you had to delete it, & I understand why it’s not worth fighting over. It’s such a shame though.

  4. We live in a crazy world Shelly! I loved your series and I’m glad I had the chance to see it. And I’m glad that have managed to find some humour in the situation. I don’t like Facebook much, and this makes me like it less! Hugs to you and the slugs! 🙂

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