A Review of Peekaboo Ice Cream

This post is a review of Peekaboo ice cream which, amazingly, combines veggies and ice cream in cream deliciousness.

You should know right up front that I only eat “health food” if I truly like it and it tastes good. I say this because Peekaboo has developed a line of ice cream that boasts “veggies in every bite”. That definitely sounds like “health food”.

And it very well may be, but I’ll tell you what, folks: This ice cream is delicious, and I highly recommend it.


The Story of Peekaboo Ice Cream

Peekaboo Ice Cream was founded by a mom whose family loves ice cream. This mom really wanted to make sure her family got enough veggies in their diet.

One day she asked herself, “Wouldn’t it be rad if veggies tasted like ice cream?”

She let her imagination run with this question. Her imagination traveled down a cool and yummy path. She developed Peekaboo Ice Cream, which, successfully combines ice cream and veggies in creamy deliciousness.

A Star is Born

Thus far, Peekabo has developed five ice cream flavors: Chocolate (with hidden cauliflower); strawberry (with hidden carrot); mint chocolate chunk (with hidden spinach); vanilla (with hidden zucchini); and cotton candy (with hidden beets).

The company is currently working on unicorn flavored ice cream, and they are also working on developing vegan ice cream. All the current ice cream flavors are dairy-based.

Thus far, I have tried the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors, and they are delicious.

#1 (3)

You might think that ice cream with veggies in it would be lumpy and clumpy. Not so with this ice cream. The consistency is thick, creamy, and delicious.

How it Beats Typical Ice Cream

Frequently when I eat ice cream, it tastes overly sweet to me and occasionally wreaks havoc with my blood sugar. Peekaboo ice cream sidesteps this problem. It is perfectly sweet but also feels substantial (probably because of the vegetables in it) and doesn’t send my blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.

Over the years, I have noticed that the more vegetables and fruit I eat, the better I feel.

I often look for easy ways to incorporate produce into every meal. Peekabo ice cream is a brilliant way to achieve this goal.

Where Can You Find Peekaboo?

I found Peekaboo in my local Kroger. Stores throughout the United States sell it, and you may very well be able to find it in a store near you. You can find out where here, and you can also order it online.

Peekaboo is organic, and its price is similar to other organic ice cream.

I give it a five star rating.

Eating ice cream in order to do a blog review is a rough job. But somebody’s got to do it.


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3 thoughts on “A Review of Peekaboo Ice Cream”

  1. This is amazing! I had to read it aloud to my family and they all groaned because I have a reputation for trying to sneak vegetables into puddings. Beetroot brownies, parsnip cake, and the doomed avocado and chocolate cheesecake! My eldest daughter’s friends apparently refer to me as ‘hippy mum’ and look on her with pity when she opens a lunchbox!
    It is interesting what you say about your blood sugar. Generally I think we have become desensitised to overly sugary or fatty foods. But if we become more mindful generally I wonder if we become more attuned? I noticed a couple of years ago that I feel sick if I have a full portion of fish and chips. I now eat lots of mushy peas and half the amount of fish and chips to avoid this. I have been making gradual changes to my diet and am enjoying healthy foods almost as much as chocolate!

    1. Ha! I love it. I can totally see you being a hippy mum. I have gotten really interested in including vegetables in different desserts, too. I love your ideas above.

      And you are right, I think because I have become more mindful since I have practiced intuitive eating, I notice much more quickly when food makes me feel lousy. I think I would feel sick with a full portion of fish and chips, too and would have to balance it out with a vegetable like you have. Are “mushy peas” a common dish in England?

      I have found a similar thing with pizza. If I just eat a bunch of pizza, it is too much bread and makes me feel ill. So I have to eat fewer pieces with chicken or fish, and then it is fine.

      I really get your “gradual change” idea. That is what I have been doing, too, and it has helped me a lot. When I eat something I ask myself, “Do I like it? Does it make me feel good? Will I have more energy after eating it?” And I try to use these questions to help me make choices I feel good and satisfied with.

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