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Love is Stronger will be back in March

Dear All:

About this time of year, I often take a social media break. I usually do so reluctantly, but it almost always turns out to be a good time of rest and reflection.

So, I will be taking a break from posting until early March and will see you then. I wish you very well in the meantime.


3 thoughts on “Love is Stronger will be back in March”

  1. I just finished a meditation, and while sitting I realized I was missing something important, Love is Stronger. It just came to me that my life has been so busy with other things, including my own writing and mental health, that your blog hasn’t been active. And suddenly I was gripped with fear that you had been forced to stop rather than choosing to take a break. I’m relieved, and I look forward to reading your posts again.

    1. Aaron, this is such a kind comment, and I greatly appreciate it! Yes, I have just been taking a bit of a social media break, which has been so productive and peaceful. I will be back soon. I appreciate your comment so much because bloggers, as you know, don’t always know if their words and posts are meaningful to anyone. So I very much appreciate this comment.

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