Love, Wisdom, and Creativity Seeking YOU

I want to remind you today that Love, Wisdom, and Creativity are seeking you.

But first, let me say that I know there are hard, unfair, and scary things in the world.

I also want to remind you that there is something stronger than all that.

Right now there are people full of love looking to help folks just like you in the ways you need help.

And there are creative people who are working on solving problems just like the problems you need help solving.

There are wise people who have the answers for the questions you need help answering. All this love, creativity, and wisdom is searching to find you.

That’s because love, creativity, and wisdom are joining mindsets. They always reach out for more love, creativity, and wisdom.

So you know what is really cool?

You are made of love, creativity, and wisdom, too. It’s your original stuff. And that is why love, creativity, and wisdom are going to find you.

And the love, creativity, and wisdom you possess are going to be able to help other people, as well as your own self, too. We always enrich our own life, as well as the life of those around us, when we express these gifts.

And It’s okay if you don’t feel particularly loving or creative or wise today.

You have a Wise Self that is full of these gifts, and you can never lose it. Sometimes, though, we forget the Wise self or get cut off from it.

If you feel like that has happened to you lately, you can read more about what to do  here: Rediscovering the Wise Self

And here: Contemplative Practices: Why They are For Everyone

You are powerful and brilliant. You’ve got this, and Love’s got you.


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