Practices for Cultivating Love, Self-compassion, Working With Painful Emotions

Mindfulness Meditation for Peace and Relaxation

I sometimes struggle with anxiety, and when I do, I often find that thinking certain loving thoughts and looking at colors relaxes me. So, I created this picture flow to share some of the ideas that help me the most. Maybe if you are feeling anxious, it will help you, too.

There is a safe space inside you filled with compassion and wisdom. It is always waiting peacefully for you.081431

You have an abundance of imagination, creativity, wisdom, and love inside you that you can access at any time. It will lead you where you need to go.


You absolutely have permission to be confident, even if you do not feel confident right now. Love is guiding you, and you are going to figure it out.081534

When you need an answer and you do not know what to do, let Love take over. There is always a loving answer, and there is magic in Love.


You have permission to be true to who you are and to be authentic. There is no one like you, and the world needs your light.


You are wiser and more imaginative that you realize. You can relax and let go.


Breathe. Relax your shoulders. Flow. Bliss.


Peace, Friend. May you be happy, healthy, and free from suffering.


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