More Slug Cartoons for You

I am really on a slug kick right now. I am not sure why, but they are really fun to paint. Here are a few more for you.


“Magnum PS”


“Slug Selfie”


“So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way”

Downward Slug

Slug Hard.jpg

I was on a Die Hard kick for a while. Sorry.

Jax helping me paint

This is my cat, Jax, helping me paint. For some reason, he is really fascinated with my artistic process.

Me the artist

And me, the artist.

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5 thoughts on “More Slug Cartoons for You”

    1. Yay, Roda! I am so glad! I think I might start drawing some of your goats, too. I love goats! And maybe your chickens, too. I love all your farm pictures so much. So maybe I will just illustrate all of them. 🙂

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