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My Everyday Liturgy: A Poem

Greet the moon,

Drink the sky,

Revel in birdsong,

015841 (2)

Swim in lilac,

Embrace the tree,

Delight in tulips,

012437 (2)

Relish the orange,

000954 (3)

Marvel at friendship,

Rest in stillness,

Savor his kiss,

Reach for eternity,

Trust its embrace.

020006 (4).JPG


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9 thoughts on “My Everyday Liturgy: A Poem”

  1. I loved the opening lines!!!
    Greet the moon,

    Drink the sky

    Your drawings are a delight to my mind 🙂 Your post helped me slow down and indulge in your words and the beautiful surroundings I am in.

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