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My First Online Course and Visualization

I am really excited because I published my first recorded online course and visualization.

The course is titled the Four Basic Truths, and you can find it here at Thinkific: The Four Basic Truths.

The visualization is a ten-minute visualization called The Greatest Grocery store that helps you connect to and nurture your spirituality. You can find it here: The Greatest Grocery Store.

I have been blogging for about seven and a half years and have learned and develop my thinking so much.

So, as you can imagine, I feel really passionate about the things I write about on my blog. And because of that, I have wanted to publish courses and visualizations related to the content for several years now. This course and the visualization will be the first of many.

I have especially written the first course to be very simple and straightforward so that it is accessible to anyone, from any background.

One of my dear friends recently reviewed it and said the course “reinvigorated me, truly lifting the cobwebs of some of the messages I had allowed to clutter my thinking”.

Another of my friends said the course was “wonderful and uplifting”. I will be publishing their full reviews later, as well as some other ones.

I am so excited to share this content with you. And I also want to thank all of my readers who have followed my blog over the years and written me such kind comments.

You mean a lot to me.

At Love is Stronger, I love helping people Live from the Inside Out in order to cultivate more confident, joyful, and resilient lives. You can read more about this here:

Do You Live from the Inside Out or Outside In?

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