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New Projects at Love is Stronger

I periodically like to update folks on new projects at Love is Stronger.

This July, I will complete six years of blogging. I have enjoyed those six years so much (most of the time) and have learned a great deal. I primarily began my blog because I eventually want to publish books relate dot my blog content.

So, my blog allows me to practice and polish my ideas and connect with like-minded people.

It is also a platform that allows me to share my previous books, as well as share my art and philosophical consulting practice.

You can read more about these projects here:


Work with Me


And I am really excited because in the next few months, I will be launching some online courses related to my blog content. You can read more about this here.

I want to thank all my friends and family who have ever read my blog posts, purchased my art, done philosophical consulting with me, or just encouraged me a long the way. Your support means so much.

This is the first post I ever wrote for Love is Stronger, so I thought I would share it today:

Loving Ourselves: The Place We Must Start

I am also grateful to DataDames and all the help they have given me with my blog. Check them out!

DataDames: Meaningful, Measurable Marketing

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