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Only Bigfoot Can Save Us

People say that Bigfoot does not exist because if he did, we would have discovered him by now.

But I don’t think that is right at all. We haven’t found Bigfoot yet because we are not ready.

Spending many of my younger years in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve had a long-standing interest in Bigfoot.  This interest was recently rekindled in the last couple of years with  several summer trips to Northern California to the Redwood Forests.

This is prime Bigfoot territory.

I love the little tourist stores near the Redwood Forests. You can find Bigfoot maps, Bigfoot t-shirts, and Bigfoot books.

Bigfoot Touring Map by Bob Filbey Can Find on Amazon

This Bigfoot Touring Map is by Bob Filbey. It’s my favorite Bigfoot map, and you can find it on Amazon.

And then there is the beautiful Redwood Forests themselves. These forests are old and wonderful and mysterious.

Redwoods #1.jpg

When I am walking through them, they feel sentient–like they are watching us.

Redwoods #3

And they might be. But I actually think it is Bigfoot watching–or rather, the Bigfeet.

I’m not sure exactly how they do it. Maybe they hide up in the trees. Maybe they know how to turn themselves invisible.  Maybe they are just experts in camouflage.

Bigfoot #1 (1)

I’m not sure. But however they do it, the Bigfeet are watching us, and they are trying to figure out if we are ready.

You see, a lot of people think that Bigfoot is a less evolved form of a human being, but I think it is the other way around. We are a less-evolved form of Bigfoot.

A long time ago, the Bigfeet figured it out. I mean, they figured out how to be.

It took them a while, of course.

They went through an aggressive phase in which they were super territorial about their forests and aggressive with campers.

They had to prove they were King of the Forest.

They would occasionally attack campers or just scare them really badly with strange noises and sightings.

And the Bigfeet went through a bit of an exhibitionist phase in which they wanted to prove just how huge and impressive they were. That’s how we got the Patterson film.

Patterson and Gimli Film Picture

This is a still from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

It is also how we got random really big footprints left here and there taunting us: “Our feet are so much bigger than yours.”

But eventually the Bigfeet figured it out.

They didn’t have to prove they were better and stronger than everyone else.

They didn’t care if people admired them.

They didn’t have to get into power struggles with folks over the forest.

They realized what a good thing they had going on in the Redwood Forests, and they started focusing on the important things.

Like enjoying the forest.

Redwoods #2

Like living peacefully with their natural habitat.

Like hanging out with one another.

Liked growing their own insulation.

Bigfoot #1 (2)

The Bigfeet are masters of de-escalation and simplification, and the peace it has given them has created a lot of space for them to think.

They’ve gained a lot of wisdom and solved quite a few problems.

They are waiting to share their wisdom with us. They are waiting until we are ready.

Occasionally they send out emissaries to check on our progress.

Like Jesus.


John Lennon.

John Lennon

The Dude.

Jeff Bridges

We aren’t quite ready yet. Maybe someday.


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