Practice Hospitality

We are living in a time in which there is a lot of hostility and suspicion towards the Other. This is tragic because when we get to know the Other, we find that while she is very different, she is also exactly like us. And it is through this difference and sameness that we both define ourselves and find ourselves at home with people who share our humanity. We shut ourselves down when we shut ourselves off from the Other. We can do this as an individual, and we can do this as a nation. When we do, we stagnate, turn inwards, and grow stale. Because of this, it is good to consistently practice the art of hospitality. Our word hospitality comes from the Latin word hospes, which means both “guest” and “host”. As we practice hospitality, we both welcome the Other into living a fuller, richer life, and we find ourselves welcomed in this same way. Show Hospitality

2 thoughts on “Practice Hospitality”

  1. So important, yes. Great post. Even when we practice hospitality towards individuals, groups tend to maintain in-group and out-group differences, why it is so difficult to achieve one human community. Therefore I see need for new concepts of hospitality on societal level. Thanks

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