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Practicing Resurrections in All Areas of Life

This post is about practicing resurrections in all areas of our life. Today is Easter, and many people from the Christian tradition, like me, are celebrating the Resurrection.

In the Christian tradition, resurrection refers to the resurrection of Christ from the tomb. But today I have also been thinking about how we can practice resurrections in all areas of our life.

How Can We Practice Resurrection?

We practice resurrection every time we remember that Love is truest thing about us. It is our truest nature. And it connects us with the Love in other people and the Love all around us.

You can think of this Love all around us as God, as I do. Or you might think if it as the highest human good. It is the drive for life, connection, and growth present in the Universe. We see this vividly at springtime.

Remembering Love in this way allows us to practice resurrection in all areas of our life.

We practice resurrection when ask ourselves, “How can I act in a loving way towards myself an others in this situation?”

And we practice resurrection when we look for the loving solution to problems, rather than resorting first to violence, control, and force.

We practice resurrection when we take time to imagine a fully humanized world. This is a world that supports everyone in developing their full human capacities like kindness, compassion, respect. Like connection, creativity, reason, and care.

And we practice resurrection when take times of silence to connect with the Love inside us or all around us.

Whenever whenver we practice resurrection we create new possibilties. These are new possibilities in our self, our relationships, and the world around us. It brings us back to life.

Love is behind every resurrection, and we can practice resurrection every day.

Happy spring, Easter, and Resurrection, Friends. May you experience many resurrections this year.

Love and Resurrection


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    1. Thank you so much, Ali! Yes! I love the way you say us. For all the weird and painful things in the world, the Universe is full of energy and potential. The Universe adores you and it adores me, I always like to say. Cheers, Friend!

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