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Running for Ukraine–Part #2

I am running for Ukraine, and you can, too.

You can read more about it here:

Running for Ukraine

Over the next few months, I am running 44 kilometers for the 44 million people in Ukraine. (That’s 27.3 miles).

I am a novice runner, so yesterday I just ran a mile at my local park.

On the one hand, running seems like an insignificant way to help the people in Ukraine, given how much they are suffering. But I think it helps in several ways.

One: It allows me donate some money to an organization that I know will help Ukraine. (You can see details at the link above or read more here. 

Two: I dedicate the time I am running to pray for and send love to Ukraine. I believe this makes a difference, even if it only creates a more peaceful loving space inside me. You can read more about this here: When We Feel Hopeless about Ukraine

Three: Running strengthens my heart and clears my head. And that helps me think more creatively about ways I can help Ukraine.

Four: I can blog about it here. And perhaps that might inspire other people to help Ukraine in their own way.

Lastly, the other day as I drove into my park, I unfortunately saw some kids tormenting the local geese that hang out there. These geese are my friends, and I talk to them all the time when I run or walk at my park.

So when I saw these kids bullying my friends, I stopped, rolled down my window, and gave them the evil eye. I wanted them to know that I saw what they were doing and was willing to intervene.

They got the message and stopped.

I have a general motto that standing up to bullies is wise, whether they are kids bullying geese or Russian tyrants perpetrating senseless wars.

I guess that running for Ukraine helps me feel like I am communicating to badly behaving Russian rulers, “I see what you are doing, and I am willing to intervene.” And perhaps my actions are insignificant. But all our actions combined are powerful.


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2 thoughts on “Running for Ukraine–Part #2”

  1. Dear Shelly Johnson,
    I loved reading your article. And I wish you success in your 44K challenge for Ukraine. 🙂
    Two weeks ago, I donated basic necessities to Ukraine: lots of hygiene products, a sleeping bag, two large candles with matches and two emergency blankets. And I made a donation to the Red Cross, Unicef and a French medical aid association to help Ukrainians.
    Because I live in Europe, in France, I cannot participate in the race you are registered for (Place: “Anywhere in the United States of America”). I hope that in France such races are offered. I will do a search, because I like running too.
    All our actions combined are powerful. 🙂 I agree with you. My mom always told me that even a small donation can make a difference. If everyone gives a little bit, we can transform our world.
    Thank you very much for your article,
    I wish you a nice day,
    Virginie from France,

    1. Virginie, thank you so much for reading my post and commenting. And thank you so much for all of those items you donated to Ukraine. All our actions combined are, indeed, powerful! And your comment inspires me to keep going.

      Thank you for sharing love with the world,

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