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Seven Peaceful Thoughts for Your Week

For the last week, I have been painting a series of peaceful thoughts. They are mainly about you and me and our worth as human beings. I really believe each of these ideas below, and I post them here for you, hopefully to inspire, encourage, and comfort you, if you are having a hard time. There is one picture for each day of the week.

Something Loving is Holding You

Scan2020-02-01_125701_000 (2)

Scan2020-02-01_125701_002 (3)

Universe Adores You

MU #4 (2)

MU #5

MU #2 (2)


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7 thoughts on “Seven Peaceful Thoughts for Your Week”

  1. The past couple of times I’ve attempted to share your work & blog link (credited) on my Facebook page, I receive an alert that it does goes against their Community Standards. My best guess is they believe sharing goes against your intellectual property rights. Is there a setting on WordPress you could change to make it possible to share the link?

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much for writing about this. For some reason, FB is censoring me right now. They told me I violated their community standards, and I have not been able to fix the problem yet. I believe they think I am spam. I am working on fixing this, but in the meantime, you can go to my FB page–Shelly Pruitt Johnson–I have a FB note version of this, and you can share that one. I greatly appreciate you writing!

  2. Sharing on Twitter works just fine! Have you ever thought of making cards of your lovely designs, Shelly? I think they’d be wonderful for that. 🙂

      1. Can I suggest that you also check out Fine Art America? I am just about to start selling prints on there and it seems to be amongst the best of the options for artists. You set your own markup for the items you want to sell and the rest of the price is made up of the base price and a small amount on top. (Much better than the likes of Society 6 etc.)
        One of the best things about FAA is that you get your own ‘website’ for 30 USD annually and can direct all your traffic there, without any links that would lead folk away from your work.

        I sold prints on Etsy for a few years and found it a deeply frustrating experience! They can offer similar products by your competitors right on your ‘shop’ page, so your traffic is never your own. There are lots of other problems for Etsy sellers, so I strongly suggest you do quite a bit of Googling before setting up there!

        I think your work will sell well! 🙂

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