Slug Cartoons for People Having a Bad Day

I really love to draw and do watercolor paintings. Occasionally I get obsessed with a series of cartoons/paintings and can’t stopped drawing them. Right now, I am a little obsessed with slugs.

So, if you need something to make you laugh today, hopefully this will be helpful:

Lazy Slug

When we feel like lazy slugs.

082251 (2)

“Little Slug on the Prairie”

Brady Slugs #2

“The Brady Slugs”

Slugs of Instagram #1

“Slugs of Instagram”


If anyone ever tells you that drawing slugs riding motorcycles is easy, don’t believe them.

The Slugs of Hazard

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10 thoughts on “Slug Cartoons for People Having a Bad Day”

  1. Shelly your creativity and artistry never cease to amaze me! I’m smiling remembering your “Sammy the Schizophrenic Slug” idea. Glad you got around to slugs. πŸ˜‰ Your original post of the lazy slug was timely and very helpful to me. Know that your blog always makes a real difference in my life! Even slug paintings. XD

    1. Deanna: This is so, so sweet. That’s really nice that you remember my “Sammy the Schizophrenic Slug”. πŸ™‚ That was a long time ago! I am so happy that my blog helps you, even slug posts. Love you, Friend!

  2. This is truly priceless and should be featured in a children’s book. I love the whimsy and your talent whether in words or illustrations is so evident. Thank you for sharing this. I want to make an acrylic painting of slugs now.

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