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Sourdough Bread is Amazing

You Guys. I have discovered sourdough bread, and it’s amazing. The truth is, I cannot get enough of it.

I mean, I have tried sourdough bread before, and I liked it. But the sourdough bread I have discovered recently knocks my socks off.

And now, I am now a sourdough bread devotee.

So, I am writing this post for three reasons. The first reason is for people who live in my hometown, Lexington, KY. The second and third reason are for everyone.

Reason One: I highly recommend Sunrise Bakery’s Sourdough Bread sold at Good Foods Co-Op.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky, and I shop regularly at Good Foods Co-op on Southland Drive. It has been one of my favorite grocery stores for over for over fifteen years.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Good Foods makes shopping a delight for me.

One of the reasons I love it is because they carry a lot of food grown on local farms or made by local business.

That is how I discovered my sourdough bread. Good Foods carries this gorgeous sourdough bread baked by Sunrise Bakery.

Hooked on Sourdough

I buy it all the time and eat it almost every day now.

So, one important reason I am writing this post is that I highly recommend both Good Foods Co-op and Sunrise Bakery.

I especially recommend their delicious sourdough bread.

Reason Two: Sourdough is fascinating in general.

Here are some interesting facts about sourdough bread that I recently learned.

Did you know that sourdough bread is the oldest kind of leavened bread?

It requires neither baking powder or yeast, and so it was a good bread alternative for early settlers in America before they had access to these baking amenities.

Sourdough is Simple

But sourdough bread is much older than this and was probably discovered in ancient Egypt. It likely became popular because of its simplicity.

Sourdough bread requires a starter of flour, water, and sugar that is left to ferment.

This starter is alternately referred to as a sponge or mother. When it is combined with a few basic bread ingredients, it activates the wild yeast in flour and causes the bread to rise.

Really Old Mothers

People only use a little bit of the  mother to make a new batch of bread, and you have to keep feeding, kneading, and dividing mothers, or they die or go dormant.

So families end up passing around and passing down mothers to different people in the family for years and years. Because of this, some people use the same starter or mother for decades.

As you can imagine, there are some really old mothers out there. There is one discussed in this article that is 120 years old!

Sourdough Library

People take sourdough starters very seriously. So seriously in fact, that there is sourdough starter library.

There is only one in the world, and it is in Saint-Vith, Belgium near Brussels. It contains 125 starters, and that have different flavors, depending on how they were made. There is a Japanese one that was made with sake and a Mexican one made with eggs, lime and beer.

Sourdough bread is like the super-hero of bread. It starts with a mother that lives forever and does magical things like activate bacteria and make bread rise without yeast or baking powder.

And sourdough mothers are the gift that keeps on giving.

In addition, it’s super easy to make a sourdough mother. You can find a recipe here.

Reason Three: Sourdough bread has some cool health benefits.

Sourdough bread, especially the kind made at home, tends to be more healthy than other kinds of bread. The natural fermentation process in the bread  improves overall nutrition, mineral, and fiber content.

Because of this, it is often better for stable blood sugar and may be a better bread for folks with diabetes.

Sourdough bread also has naturally occurring bacteria and pre-biotics, which is good for gut health.

New Goals

I haven’t made my own sourdough bread yet, but I plan on trying soon. I like to add things to my life that feel magical. Sourdough bread is a good fit.

Here is a super simple recipe I think I will try soon.


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10 thoughts on “Sourdough Bread is Amazing”

  1. I love this post. I have been watching the Great British Baking show and have found myself in the kitchen baking different sorts of breads that I’ve never tried before. Sourdough has been on my list, but I haven’t tried to bake it yet. I love to eat it though. Hope you make some and let us know how it turns out!

  2. Shelly, here are two other aspects of sourdough bread that I discovered:
    1. It is partially digested, so it often works well for folks with digestive issues.
    Then if you toast it, you have it even better in that respect. Sourdough
    is the only bread I use now.
    2. There is something in the process that keeps it from getting moldy. I
    had wondered about that, then finally saw an article that confirmed it.

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