18 thoughts on “Step Four: Healing the Wounded Self”

  1. ” When we come face to face with our darkness, it is easy to want to punish or beat ourselves up”
    This is where I am stuck! I feel shame for my wounded part and shame for being ashamed! I don’t know where to draw the line with myself and others. I love your work I just have a problem with splitting my identity into wise and wounded. It amkes me feel like I am disowning the “diseased” parts of me. I also feel like it is a fix it attitude to heal my wounded self to be perfect and that keeps me stuc. Any advice?

      1. Hello again Shelly! I wanted to just ask if you had any ideas in regard to my question a while back. There isn’t a rush I just personally was worried that you had forgotten.

        1. Destini: Thank you so much for writing back. I just finished one of the busiest times at work (finals and the end of the semester), and it interfered with me being able to figure out the best way to answer your question well. Thank you for hanging in there. Today I wrote a post with you in mind, and I am hoping that it might be helpful. You are going to notice that the first part of it deals with trusting ourselves, and so it doesn’t sound totally like it pertains to your question. The second part of it, however, is all about the Wounded Self and how we can heal from it. I have also included a bunch of links to other posts that pertain to healing the Wounded Self, although not all of the posts mention the Wounded Self directly. I hope this is helpful, but if it is not, please let me know more of the kind of think you are looking for, and I will do my best to write in answer to that question. I am certain that other people have the very same questions you do. Here is the post.


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