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I Was Bullied Yesterday–and I Stood Up for Myself

I went to walk in the forest yesterday. And unfortunately, I met some bullies. At the entrance of the trail I walk on, there is a low concrete water cistern. Some teenage boys were sitting on it as I passed by it. There is also a small creek I have to cross over right past… Continue reading I Was Bullied Yesterday–and I Stood Up for Myself


Bullies and Self-Care

This post is about how to resist bullies and practice self-care in such situations. In order to understand how to do both of these things, let's first imagine how we protect our friends. Sticking Up for Our Friends Imagine a very dear friend that you love a great deal. Now imagine that someone is picking… Continue reading Bullies and Self-Care

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How to Handle Bullies: A Mini-Book

All of us face bullies at one point in our life, and they can be really hard to deal with. Here is a book about how to handle bullies and feel safe. If you would like to read more ideas about this issue, some folks at FindingSteadyGround have put together an incredibly helpful list of… Continue reading How to Handle Bullies: A Mini-Book