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Why I Love Men, and I Also Need the Gillette Commercial: My #MeToo Moment in the Park This Summer

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Gillette recently made a commercial urging men to hold other men accountable about behaving better towards women. A lot of folks freaked out about it. Some suggested that Gillette is portraying all men as evil. Other argued that men are persecuted culturally and that Gillette is trying to turn men… Continue reading Why I Love Men, and I Also Need the Gillette Commercial: My #MeToo Moment in the Park This Summer

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Girl. The Interrogation Mark.

Little girls are exclamation marks: Me! Trees! Legs! Family! Sunlight! Stomach! Ice cream! Happy! Me! Until they learn..."Beautiful", "ugly", "thin", "fat", And then girls become question marks... Beautiful enough? Thin enough? Sexy enough? Enough? Enough? Enough? The question becomes a hunger, a feAR, a TERROR of "no", And soon we stop finishing our own sentences… Continue reading Girl. The Interrogation Mark.

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Penelope Peregrina

Over the years, I have thought a lot about femininity through the eyes of classical heroines like Ophelia, Penelope, and Helen of Troy. As much as I admire the classical writers, I am disappointed that they often were unable to give their heroines  a more satisfactory story. Sometimes I like to write poems from the point… Continue reading Penelope Peregrina

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“Ophelia Awakes”

Ophelia-- Trusting, loving, hoping--she, Moved as a pawn In others' games, Manipulated, scorned Herself unseen, Sundered from herself, Sinks down Into the Lethean Stream. But I have seen That same Ophelia Stir, grow restless, Called by something. What could it be? She begins to dream She is Love Herself. She holds a sceptre. She is… Continue reading “Ophelia Awakes”

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Surprised By Feminism

It would not be precisely accurate to say that the President sent Secret Service Agents to my house at Christmas to make me teach feminist philosophy. But the President has consistently acted like an unmitigated pinhead to women, and I had a chance to teach feminist philosophy at a local college during Winter term. So… Continue reading Surprised By Feminism

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Women are Changing the World (And How They Can Continue To Do So)

Recently, somebody famous and powerful said, "When you are a star...you can do anything." And he proceeded to describe the things he did and the places he grabbed without permission. Apparently lots of other famous and powerful men have thought this same thing, and they have been doing and grabbing things without permission for a… Continue reading Women are Changing the World (And How They Can Continue To Do So)

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Four Things Men Can Do To Empower Women Every Day

It's possible for men to empower women every day. The last year has made it clear that we still have much work to do in the United States (and the world in general) to make sure that women are treated with respect and dignity--that the world is a safe place for them to live in.… Continue reading Four Things Men Can Do To Empower Women Every Day

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Her Body

This is for women Everywhere. Your body is yours. Your body is amazing. You are powerful. "Her Body" Her body is not on display For you to critique like A specimen Pinned on a board.   Her body is not a mannequin, Perfect And never deviating from Public demand.   Her body is not a… Continue reading Her Body

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The Power of Wonder in the Classroom

I believe that the practice of wonder has the potential to change our life profoundly for the better and that the classroom is one of the best places to practice it. Mrs. Nagel, my fourth grade teacher, was a master of cultivating wonder in the classroom. Wonder and Education At the beginning of the year,… Continue reading The Power of Wonder in the Classroom