For Just One Moment…: A Poem

For just one moment, pause... And stop labeling yourself As fat, thin, short, tall, Ugly, beautiful, Desirable, undesirable. For just one moment, think... About your amazing body And how it carries you every day, And your heart pumps and your lungs breathe, Because your body loves you. For just one minute, refuse... To place yourself… Continue reading For Just One Moment…: A Poem

Body Partnership

Bodies, Shame, and Confidence

Lately I have been thinking about things I would tell my young self about shame, bodies, and confidence. One of my main goals in life is to help girls and women (and everyone really) feel peaceful in their bodies. Many women (and increasingly men, too) struggle with body-anxiety and body-shame. And I believe this crushes… Continue reading Bodies, Shame, and Confidence