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Five Reasons You are Groovy

In case no one has told you lately, you are groovy, and here's why: One: You have the capacity to be wise, loving, creative and compassionate right this moment. Now, it is true that everyone has this same capacity, but you express it in a way that no other person can because of your unique… Continue reading Five Reasons You are Groovy

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Love Loves You

I wanted to remind you today that Love loves you. You are not alone. Love is always reaching out to you, even when you have problems feeling it or believing it. You matter. You have a beautiful light inside you. If you would like to read more about Love, you might like this post: The… Continue reading Love Loves You

Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

If You Feel Second-Rate Today

Somewhere at some point in your life, someone made you feel second-rate. They tried to make you feel like you weren't one of the cool or special people. Or they tried to make you feel like you were ugly or dumb or unfashionable or uncool or ungodly or lazy or impractical or a drag or… Continue reading If You Feel Second-Rate Today