Healing Difficult Emotions, Relationships and Love

Dealing with Our Dark Side

Several posts ago, I wrote about cultivating Flourish-Friendly Relationships instead of Control Relationships. You can read more about this here. In this post, I will write about dealing with our dark side. But first, let's review what Flourish-Friendly and Control Relationships are. Flourish-Friendly Relationships are ones in which the people involved create a space together… Continue reading Dealing with Our Dark Side

Healing Difficult Emotions, Practices for Cultivating Love, Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

Bad Moods: When Everything is the Worst

Wow, do I get into bad moods sometimes. I think most of us do. Things are going along pretty well. I may even feel really happy. And then I start getting a little tired. A little overstimulated. Something small happens. It triggers me. And then EVERYTHING IS THE WORST EVER. And it seems really out… Continue reading Bad Moods: When Everything is the Worst