Bullies and Self-Care

This post is about how to resist bullies and practice self-care in such situations. In order to understand how to do both of these things, let's first imagine how we protect our friends. Sticking Up for Our Friends Imagine a very dear friend that you love a great deal. Now imagine that someone is picking… Continue reading Bullies and Self-Care

Overcoming Self-loathing and Anxiety

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This post explores how you can become your own best friends and gives you some practical suggestions for doing this. It is the third post in a series. In my last two posts, I discussed how to cultivate self-love by thinking of yourself as a child you love  and by speaking to yourself as you would a child… Continue reading Becoming Your Own Best Friend

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Loving Affirmations and Self-Love

In my last post, I discussed the first way we can cultivate self-love, which is to think of ourselves as a little child.  Just like children need love, encouragement, care, and compassion to flourish, we also need these things. Think of yourself like a little child who needs love and nurturing to flourish. This leads… Continue reading Loving Affirmations and Self-Love

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Adopting a Loving View of Yourself

Loving Ourselves, Hating Ourselves How well do you like yourself? Which of the following statements best represents your relationship with yourself? I absolutely love myself. I’m okay, but I really get on my nerves sometimes. I have more things I dislike about myself than I love about myself. I hate myself. If you are like… Continue reading Adopting a Loving View of Yourself